Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

Class 1 - Week 8

The last week was all about vanilla walks. The assignment was to animate Ballie in stepped mode. We had to animate a walk cycle without any personality.
In addition to that we had to come up with a physical strength pose with our Stu-character.
Luckily I hadn't have to change much on the pose and the blocking so I went straight over to the new assignment. This week we have to finish our walk cycle and do a concerned pose with Stu.
Ok than, here are the last week assignments and the revision of the tailor assignment

Dienstag, 16. November 2010

Class 1 - Week 7

Lat week we had to animate Tailor. Its a ball with a tail like a squirrel. I knew that this assignment was gonna be tough but I didn't thought it would become so difficult. I started animating the body of Tailor and worked on the timing. After the animation of the body was done I tried to animate the tail. 
My first attempt was to animate it the way like I did on the pendulum. It was a horrible result. I tried a few different method’s like the pose to pose were I animated the whole tail in once. Than I tried to animate joint after joint. Nothing seemed to worked. For three days I started over and over again. 
On the forth day something happened :) The overlapping of the tail seemed to work and Tailor had a fluent motion of the tail. I worked on the tail tip and added more small overlaps. The result can be seen below, I hope you like it.

Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

Class 1 - Week 5

Boy, this weekly assignments getting tougher and tougher :)
This week we have to do some overlapping action with the pendulum. Its really hard to get the timing right for the overlaps, so I’m still tweaking it.
To let the continuity of the blog doesn’t suffer from my work I'll upload my work from last week. I haven't changed the work to the comments my mentor gave me. I think I'll do that on the weekend.
Anyway. Here is the animation and the pose from last week.

And while I'm typing this blog post, here is an work progress of the pendulum assignment from this week.
I really have a hard time figuring out the amount and speed of overlapping of each chain joint. Hope you like it.