Sonntag, 28. August 2011

Class 4 - Week 9

Hey Everyone,

this week I'll update my blog a bit earlier than the weeks before.
For the shot, I had to make a lot of changes. Maybe you wont see them but they are there :)
The biggest is that I switched from FK to IK arms. I had a few sections where I had really strange things going on with the rotations. I tried to smooth them out but it didn't really worked. So I deleted to keys on the arms and redid them which saved me a lot of time later on. I also changed a few pats timing wise. Next step is to make a few sections a bit more snappier and get a lot of details into the hands and fingers. 
The hand pose for this week was to show a relaxed hand. Its hard to get a clear silhouette on a hand like this because your fingers are starting to curl inwards and get closer to each other. This is what I came up with.
Next week will be a surprised hand pose which I have no idea for right now :)
Hope you like the shot and the pose. Until next week

Cheers Matthias

Dienstag, 23. August 2011

Class 4 - Week 8

Hey Everyone,

here my assignment from last week. I added a lot of keys and changed a few sections timing wise.
Next step is going to hit the spline button and clean a lot of curves :)
Last week we also had to upload a hand pose. The emotion of the pose was "angry". This week is going to be a "relaxed" hand. Still not sure what I'm going to do.
Hope you like both uploads until next week


Montag, 15. August 2011

Class 4 - Week 7

Hey Everyone,

here is my first bishop monologue blocking. It's really strange how different it is to have a character on one spot instead of letting him run around the screen. Its now a whole new challenge to find ways to show thoughts of the character and to not act things out with too much poses. I'm really looking forward to the next weeks of refining this shot and see how it will work without any facial animation on it. Hope you like that shot,  have an awesome week

Cheers Matthias

Sonntag, 14. August 2011

Class 4 - Week 6

Hey guys,

doing a bit of catching up here and posting the three audio clips I chose for the monologue assignment.
After thinking a lot of back and forth and some good notes from my mentor I decided to chose the "ball on chain" clip. Hope it will work out at the end.
In the next days I will upload the first blocking pass. Hope you stay tuned :)