Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

Class 3 - Week 12 - Progress Reel

Hey Guys,

now its kind of official, Class 3 is over. The three month felt like 3 weeks. It's so awesome to see all the animations by my classmates and see there animjam or single shots come together. 
The next class is going to introduction to acting. I'm really looking forward to use the bishop rig in the middle of the term. The next week will be all about searching dialogues and refining some ideas I have for my first acting shot.
I put together my progress reel which you can see below. Here is also a Quick time file with a better quality. Hope you like it 

Cheers Matthias

Sonntag, 12. Juni 2011

Class 3 - Week 11

Hey Guys,
week 11 is almost over and this was the last week of working on our shot. I didn't changed that much so I had a lot of time searching for some dialogue lines. I listened to a lot of movie and TV series quotes the last days and its really hard to find something good. I still have a few weeks left before I have to decide which one I'm going to take. Today I will try to come up with more ideas for my first acting shot. Again, the hardest part with ideas is to avoid the ones you saw a lot of times and don't use cliches too much. 
Next week I will upload my new progress reel, so stay tuned :)


Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

Class 3 - Week 10

Hey Everyone,

this week was about polishing. My mentor didn't had any changes on my shot so I could move on and switched over to spline. After the first clean up of the curve a hit the play button. As always the nice snappiness from the blocking was kind of lost. So starting on the hip and the feet I tried to get the weight back into the character. After that step I tweaked the spine, head, arms and so on. After getting a lot of great feedback I added a lot of small overlaps to the fingers and the toes. I'm really happy that I forced myself to animate something more cartoony.
For this shot I'm thinking about rendering it with some motion-blur. I made a quick test which you can see below. I will turn down the motion-blur for the final rendering. Hope you like it and until next time

Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

Class 3 - Week 9

Hey Guys,
taking a small break from polishing my shot and thought why not update my blog. 
Here is my Blocking Plus progress for the Army guy who is opening the gate from last week. As I wrote in the post before, it's tough for me to find the right poses and breakdowns. This week I didn't had so much time to work on my shot as I wanted to. So the only way getting everything done is stop writing and go back to work ^^
Hope you like the shot so far, until next time