Donnerstag, 24. März 2011

Class 2 - Week 12 - Progress Reel

The last 3 month went by really quickly and this is what I made during this time. My new progress reel is done and I hope you like the shots in it. Here is also a quicktime version if want to watch it this way.
Now I'm really looking forward to class 3 which starts on Monday.

Class 2 - Week 11

Here is my assignment from week 11. There is not much of a different to the one before. Just a few little timing things and that the character is turning a bit later around after stopping his run.

Dienstag, 15. März 2011

Class 2 - Week 10

Hey Guys, here is my first pass of polishing. Only 1 week left to work on the shot and than class 2 is over. Totally looking forward to class 3 and the last days I tried to come up with an idea for the next class. I still try to figure out a way to get some body mechanics which I want to try out animating and a small story into on idea. 
Anyways, this week is the second pass of polishing. I hope you like it and stay tuned for the next progress reel in a few weeks :)

Sonntag, 6. März 2011

Class 2 - Week 9

Here is my refined progress of my cowboy shot. The biggest different is, that I decided to cut out the beginning. I refined the whole shot today and 2 hours ago I thought: why not cut out the first part, its kind of distracting. So I did it and its looking better I think. 
As I wrote in the post before, FK arms are a pain when going into refining. I tried to add a lot of keys this time before switching into spline mode. After cleaning up the curves and adjusting them I found myself adding a lot of keys again to get the arms the way I wanted them to be. 
I hope I can get this shot to look more fluent and smoother next week. 
For this last assignment we have two weeks of polishing, and after realizing how many curves are in the fingers alone to polish, we definitely need this time.
hope you like how it turned out this week

Class 2 - Week 8

Just a bit of catching up to do with posting my work. This on is the blocking for my new shot. I decided to go with the "quick reverse direction" assignment. Blocking out this shot was a tough one and believe me, it wont get easier in splining :)
I had a hard time figuring out the way he is stopping and turning around. It is the first shot I'm using FK arms. It nice to block out your poses and you get some great arcs but overall I think its a pain when refining your pose and repose the arms each time you change the spine.
Hope you like it