Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2010

Class 1 - Week 12 - My Progress Reel

The last assignment is done. I uploaded my progress reel and on Friday the class 1 term will be officially over.
I'm looking forward to see the reels of my classmates and of the other AM students. I think this will be great source of inspiration :)
If you want to see my reel as a quicktime file just click here.

Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

Class 1 - Week 11

So this is the last animation assignment in class 1. Its the polished version of my personality walk and the balance Stu-pose.
This week started kind of strange. I got my critique and tweaked my animation a little bit and than, I was nearly done for this week. The last assignment is to put all animations into one reel.
I render a few animation and the poses I made during the last weekend. So for now, I'm considering to put some music in my reel. I read a lot that this is not such a great idea because you can't pic music witch everyone will like. Now I'm gonna with a kind of drum-solo, maybe I'll find something else.
Earlier this day I talked with a classmate of mine and we both agree that its kind of strange starting a week without planning an animation or give it some thoughts. Next week AM will be closed and than a 2 week break benign. I'm planning to read some animation related books during the break and work more on my drawing and planning skills. In addition to that I'll try to animate one or two walks too. But as it is witch planning things for breaks, we only have two weeks and they will pass so quickly.
Later this week I will upload my progress reel for class one and hope you stay tuned for my class 2 animation. I'm so looking forward to get myself in more animation assignments and hope I can learn tons of things next class.
That’s it for now, and here is my work

Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010

Class 1 - Week 10

Time is flying by so fast, week 11 is almost over. Right now I'm working on my last big assignment for class 1. Bringing the personality walk into spline mode and getting the last Stu pose done. This week the Stu pose was about balance. I must say that I am quite happy  that this is the last pose for this class. It was not always so easy to came up with something that hadn't been done before, if this is possible at all.
So next week we have to put everything we made over the last 3 month into one quick time file and our first progress reel is done :)
For this I try to tweak all my animations again and add a few frames here and there to get everything nice and smooth.
For last week We had to come up with a Stu pose witch communicates exhaustion.
Also we had to get the blocking done for our personality walk.
Hopefully you have fun with this and stay tuned for the progress reel :)


Samstag, 4. Dezember 2010

Class 1 - Week 9

The last few days were very busy. I moved on Sunday so had a lot of packing to do and of course unpacking.
The assignment was to convert the blocking of the vanilla walk into spline mode. Besides that we had to do a new pose witch communicates "concerned". It wasn't so easy to come up with something that isn't so cliche. Without any facial expressions its tough to tell that one.
Hopefully you like the work. This week we have to animate a personality walk witch is awesome. Its really cool to see what people come up with and even if like ten people make a sneak walk its ten times a total different walk. I decided to make a kind of double bounce walk with a bit of jumping in it. So stay tuned for next week, than you guys gonna see the blocking stage.