Dienstag, 26. April 2011

Class 3 - week 4

To catch up with the posts, here my final submission of my Fireman assignment. 
The next one is going to be a parkour shot, hope I don’t run into to many gimbal locks.

Class 3 - Week 3

Hey Everyone,
time has gotten short lately so here is a quick post of my refining from week 3.

Freitag, 15. April 2011

Class 3 - Week 2

Oh boy, time is passing so fast I totally forgot to update my little blog here.
So a few things have changed since week 1. I swapped my Q&A Time and now Dimos Vrysellas is my Mentor. For more info’s you can check his website http://www.dimos.ca/
As always, here is my blocking from week 2. I will be a challenge to animate the ax and switching it during the animation because I needed two different setup's for it. This week I try to update the blog a bit earlier. Hope you like it and have fun watching it :) 

Sonntag, 3. April 2011

Class 3 - Week 1

First week of class 3 is almost over.
On Friday morning I had my first Q&A with my new Mentor Dave Vallone. He talked a bit about his career and about projects he worked on. Currently he is working at http://www.radiumreelfx.com/  and here you can see his imdb profile.
I'M really looking forward to learn a lot from him and understand the body mechanics more and more.
For this class I chose the Anim Jam. Its choosing an overall theme for the three assignments. I brainstormed some ideas with the AM Brain-Club on Ventrilo. It is awesome to through on small idea into the round and than everybody helps to refine it more and more until its growing from one assignment idea into a whole Anim Jam. At the end it was hard to figure out which takes could work together the best and still fit into the frame limit of each shot.
My basic idea is that Stewie wants to become a fireman and has to pass a few tests. One of them is opening a door with an axe. He tries really hard, but will he succeed? We will see it in three moth I guess :)
Cruising around the campus and see the other ideas of students is great. There are so many creative ideas like customizing Stewie in a monkey or a cat. Can't wait to see all those animations when they are finished. That's it for now, next week the blocking-madness will start so stay tuned.