Dienstag, 20. März 2012

Class 6 - Week 11

Hey guys,

week 11 assignment uploaded, I got my e-crit. Is it now over? Nothing more to come?
It really feels strange to know that the next weekend will not focus around making the deadline on Sunday for the submission. 
I learned so much during the program, honestly everything I know about animation. I know, without the help of my friends form AM my reel would not be what it is today. So thanks a lot to all of you :)
Here is my blocking progress for the new shot I started. I am going to change a few sections completely and see how it feels than. I will keep posting progress on my shots on this blog.
It was an awesome time and I hope to see all of my AM buddies soon in a big studio working next to me and we still keep helping each other out

Take care everyone


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